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Hey guys, I hope your weekends been good. So todays post is gonna be a review on The Body Shop Colour Crush Lips Stick in the shade 315 Coral Kiss (matte).  Now this did not look good on me whatsoever just because the colour didn't suit me very well so I did not include pictures of it swatched on my lips. So for this review I will just be sharing my opinion of the formula, so let's get right to it.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lip Stick in the shade 315 Coral Kiss (matte)
Okay so first things first, this is not a matte lipstick. They have three finishes according to their site 1 sparkly (I'm assuming it has some shimmer in it) , pearlescent & the other being "Matte" however the lipstick isn't matte. It's a cream finish. Theres no shimmer but the lipstick does have a shine. 

The application is smooth, & applies pretty good. Also it's slightly moisturizing, & does not dry out the lips. Which is perfect for the cold weather. & is decently priced. Sells for $13.00 CAD. 

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