Purple contact lenses review (Lenscircle.com)

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Hey guys! Today I have a really exciting post to share with you! I have always loved the colour purple. ALWAYS. & for the longest time I have wanted to get purple contacts. & luckily I came across an amazing opportunity to review a pair from the site Lenscircle. So of course I chose them in the colour purple. Anyways lets get right into it! 

 I seriously appreciate the company for putting a Fragile sticker on the package!
 & I am super excited that they included this little baggy because I love everything animal print! 

 They came wrapped in bubble wrap to once again ensure they arrived safely! 

Here is everything that I received:
Business card
Contact lense care information
Two vials containing the contacts
& a Contact lense case.

The contacts I chose were the "Angel Series Circle Contact Lenses"

They sell for $34.95 & Shipping cost USA/Canada S&H:  $4.50 (5-8 Business Days) & International:  $7.50 (10-14 Business Days)

As you can tell are this super vivid purple colour. Now I have super super dark brown eyes, so I love how opaque the purple is. Now contacts feel a bit uncomfortable if you have never worn them or if it's been a long time since you wore them. So they do take a bit of time to get use to. However once you do you don't even notice them. Also putting the contacts in & removing them is super easy once you get the hang of it, which doesn't take long. 

These in my opinion are super comfortable & super affordable. Also shipping took about 3-4 days. Which was awesome because I'm like a little kid when it comes to expecting packages. I can't wait to get them & once I do I end up opening it on the way upstairs to my apartment. 

As for my eye make up I used the NYC pallet for green eyes (even tho mine are brown). (=

Overall Opinions
I love the comfortability of the contacts, I think they're priced very reasonably & shipping is very cheap & arrives pretty quick! Highly recommend this company as well as their contacts.

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