NYC Purple eyeshadow palette created for Green eyes review

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 Hey guys!
So todays post is gonna be a review on this super affordable NYC eyeshadow pallet that was created for green eyes. However I have dark brown eyes & find that purple compliments them the best & not just because it's my favourite colour. Anyways lets get right into the review!

NYC Eyeshadow pallet created for Green eyes. 
 I love this palette because it has the labels of what the product can/is made for. So it's perfect for beginners or people who don't know all that much about makeup. So they make it super easy for anyone & it's perfect for on-the-go because the pallet comes with the primer, illuminator & all the colours so create the perfect purple gradient eye look.

The primer itselfs sadly doesn't work for my eyes. They're super oily however with that being said many eyeshadow primers (even some high end) don't work for my eyes. However everything else I love & works good especially for the price. 

The white is slightly on the chalky side however most white eyeshadows are, but I found when I applied the Illuminator under the white eyeshadow they worked well together. & it gave the white shadow a wonderful boost.  They other eyeshadows worked without a problem. & they all blended well. 

I Personally think that this would make an awesome gift for someone who's just starting high school or something along those lines that way they get some of the basics they need. As well as it being a very affordable brand with great products!

NYC products can be found at 
& Shoppers Drug Mart

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