Lush Bunny Bubble Bar (Easter 2014)

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Hey guys! Anyone else super excited & inlove with the new Lush Items?! They're super good smelliness! & Are super adorable. I am a sucker for cutesy things. It's just my kryptonite.
Lush Bunny Bubble Bar (Easter 2014)
Lush Bunny Bubble Bar (Easter 2014) 

This is the Bunny bubble bar not only is it cute but smells wonderful. It's a super sweet scent that's vanilla goodness. & If you didn't know this Bunny bubble bar is the same scent as the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. So if you love that, you'll enjoy this. Also the eyes & tail are actually Vegan candy!

& If you have seen the picture below you will notice that the water is pink. That is because the insides of this bunny are pink. For this bath I used 1/3rd of the bubble bar & it made PLENTY of bubbles & was still very moisturizing. 
Lush Bunny Bubble Bar (Easter 2014) in action
The Bunny Bubble Bar weighs 79g & sells for $6.95

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