iFaru Candy Cane Bath Caviar, Whipped Sugar Scrub Frosting & Whipped Body Butter.

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Hello everyone, today i'm gonna share these awesome Candy Cane scented body & bath products from iFaru. iFaru is ran by a wonderful women who makes all of her products! I believe all if not most items are made to order, so they're basically made for you with love. Anyways lets get into it, so I can start showing you these amazing things!

So first up is the Candy Candy Bath Caviar. Now normally I stay away from anything like this because most of the time they're a bit thicker & chunkier which makes them take a while before they fully dissolve. So without knowing it when you get into the bath you're either stepping or sitting on them which isn't fun & can be pretty annoying.

HOWEVER these are NOT like those. The product is much finer which allow them to dissolve much more quickly.  It's super relaxing, especially after a long day & I'm super stressed. It almost feels as if the salt is absorbing the stress & calming down my muscles. Most of the time I get out of the bath after using these I almost always want to just lay on the bed & go to sleep.

OMG so I have nothing but good things to say about this glorious product. Well first let me tell you what it is. It's a Candy Cane Whipped Sugar Scrub Frosting. Yes you read that right, but no you cannot eat it. It's a wonderful exfoliant & what makes it even better is that it doesn't strip the skin of it's moisture while it's exfoliating it actually moisturizes the skin.

Oh my goodness. This product is super duper moisturizing. I apply it right after my shower or bath & it works wonders. & I also apply it to any other dry spots during the day.

Also one of the amazing things about these is, they're all hand made. & They're made fresh with each order.
So another huge A+ for these products I love them ALL! 
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  1. Hi Anita,

    Thank you so much for the reviews. Im glad you are liking the goodies :)