Petal Scents Lip + Cuticle Balm Review

Hey guys! So today I have a product review for you. It's for this company called Petal Scents. & This review will be on their Lip + Cuticle Balm. So let's just jump right it.
The scents I have are Honey Lavender, Cotton Candy Apple & Cherry Vanilla.

Lip Balm Review: So right now I am using the Cherry Vanilla as a lip balm. & to be very honest I love the smelt, but the balm itself is slightly on the oily chap stick side. It's very moisturizing it's just a tad oily for a lip balm for me. However it did last a good amount of time. I think if it was more on the creamy side I would enjoy it much much more.

Cuticle Balm Review: I Personally love this as a cuticle balm/oil. It's super handy. I keep one at my desk & the other in my bag, that way it's very accessible & easy to use while I'm out & about. Especially if I've just washed my hands & the soap wherever I am at the time, leaves my hands/cuticles dry. Then I can just take it out & apply it to my cuticles & rub it in. The keep my cuticles looking & feeling healthy & moisturized. Also the packaging helps a lot. Because it's in a oval shaped tube it makes for a more easier application.

Also the scents aren't very strong or barely noticeable, it meets right in the middle to where you can smell it & enjoy it. 

One of these only cost 2.95$ CAD & are packages in a .15 oz twist up oval shape tube. & can be purchased HERE

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