Lush bath cocktail

Hey guys! So this weekend was I guess a celebratory weekend. First thing that happened was my brother moving out. & Not in a bad way but I am so happy, with me being due March 11th, we were planning on turning his room into my daughter's playroom to make room in the living room for baby items. So that's what I spent my saturday doing. & then on sunday my husband & I went through all the baby stuff we already have figured out what we still might need & what's going where. So pretty much I spent my whole weekend nesting. & then on Sunday night I took a nice relaxing LUSH bath. <3

It was one of the best ways I could have unwound. 
So the products I used for my lush bath were:

So the first things I put in the bath while the water was running was the Bubble Bar & the Bath Melt.

Once the bathtub was almost full I dropped in the Bath Bomb. 
I don't know why but I love watching the Bath bomb change the colour of the bubbles & help create more bubbles. 

Such a pretty pink bath!

& For a shampoo & body wash I used
Which is super fun, you can play with it & make fun shapes if you get bored when taking a bath & then just put it back in the packaging when your done. OR ! You can use it to create some bubbles for your bath, or even for a shampoo &/or body wash. Like how amazing is that? It smells amazing.

When I bathed my daughter using this she smelt like it for a while, I'd say at least two days until it was time for her next bath. She also had a lot of fun playing with it as well!
This bath was super moisturizing & relaxing. & left me smelling super amazingly sweet for a good amount of time. Of course I didn't have to use all 4 Lush products however, I broke the bubble bar & bath melt into 3 pieces so I can get at least 3 baths from them. 

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  1. luxurious bath! i really want to try the sex bomb bath bomb. fun is fun, I have like 2 or 3 of the gold ones from christmas so I will be using it for awhile :)