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Hey guys! To today I am gonna show you some more Korean products I got (told you I was in a bit of a Korean Product/Cosmetics frenzy). However this time I got this from LaaLaa. & One of the major things I love about this company is that they're located right here in Canada! So shipping is super quick. You pretty much get it in the same week (depending what day you order or where you are). & I love that because most companies that carry Korean products are either overseas or just not in Canada. So shipping will normally take 1-2 weeks or more. & I can honestly admit, when it comes to getting things from online, I can get pretty impatient.

Anyways now onto what I got !! (=

So both of these products are from the same company, Innisfree. The first item is their Almond Sugar Scrub & the second is their Jeju Peach Hand Cream.  I have been into hand & nail care a lot more lately, mainly because of the weather & how drying it can be. So these were the items I really wanted to try.

So like I said got the two Innisfree products however one of the other awesome things that this company does is they include SAMPLES! YAY! When I seen these I was so excited. From watching Korean (online) shop hauls I always see people getting korean beauty samples, & it was just so fun experiencing the surprise myself. 

Almond Sugar Scrub:  This has been an amazing product, I've enjoyed using for the past couple of days. I've actually even seen an awesome difference right after I use it. Super perfect for this nasty cold winter weather. I use this for my hands, cuticles & even my elbows. However I'm pretty sure you can use it on your face as an exfoliator. If you'd like to know & see how I use it let me know. (=

Jeju Peach Hand Cream: This cream smell so yummy! I cannot get enough of the smell. Also the packaging it super cute! & it's just the perfect size to keep in my backpack or diaper bag. It's very moisturizing, however if your heavy duty moisturizing hand cream, this isn't it. This is more of a regular basis hand cream that you use 1-2 times a day. 

Over all I am very pleased with these products. They've helped my hands look healthier & as for the site, I'M IN LOVE. Now all they need to do is carry nail polishes/products & I'd marry them. Also one of the things I love about their site the most is the pricing. They're not ridiculously priced even tho the products were imported !         

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