First makeup show & tell with my somewhat matching inspiration of a manicure. Purple, Blue & Green (=

Hey everyone! I haven't ever showed one of my make up looks on my blog before so this is a first for me. Today/last night I started doing my nails. & my mind was just overwhelmed with ideas. So heres what I ended up picking.

For the nails I used OPI - OPI Ink <3 
Beautiful purple with two different purple shimmers & the lighter purple one has a bit of an orangish tint to it. 

Next I applied L'Apogee - Flocado Jade
Which is a super gorgeous flakie top coat that is green in the bottle but on the nails it shifts from Green, teal & dark blue. Super gorgeous & highly recommend !

Then today I really wanted to continue with the whole purple, blue green look & decided to do my make up that way.
This is a pallet I got off of ebay some time ago. Sorry I don't have the link but they're super easy to find. &  Sorry that it's so beat up my daughter got to it.
The colours in the red boxes are the ones I used (=

I also used L.A Girls Pro-primer as a base, because I have hooded eyelids this helps with the creasing.

& This is how it turned out.
I hope you enjoyed seeing what I did. (= 

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  1. such a great combination and the make up look is flawless <3

  2. Love this! Great ideas!!! I did everything to enter into the Picasso Hear Feather contest :)

  3. Love this! Such great ideas! I have done everything to enter into the Picasso Hair Feather contest :)

  4. Your eyes look so pretty! I love how well you have blended the colours together. Like you say, that flakie is gorgeous!