Bling Tings Jewelry Haul (Another Canadian Website!!)

Hey guys! Check out some stuff I got from this awesome website called Bling Tings
I am pretty impressed with the price & quality of the items upon first impression. & I can proudly say that it is a CANADIAN website. Which yes, that also means shipping is super fast. <3 Which is always something I truly love, appreciate & enjoy.
I am super excited to use some of these, of course they're not all for me my husband got some things too.
So I will be doing some reviews on these & letting you know the quality of them.
However right now I would just like to talk about my experience with website. 
It's super easy to navigate, good prices, awesomely fast shipping time & everything arrived safely. 

So, so far it's a thumbs up, so I'll keep you posted! 

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