Black base with silver glitter Nail art recreation

Hey guys! So today I am gonna do a recreation type of post. You see I really love this Kiss Ready-To-Wear Gel nail set however, I'm not a fan of press/glue on nails. Especially when my nails are long. & Because I LOVE the design/look, I figured well why not use the nail polishes I have in my collection to recreate it. That way I don't have to use this set to achieve this beautiful nail art. 

So this is what the kit looks like & this is the nail design I will be recreating using nail polishes.

So to start off with I painted my nails two coats of black (after applying a base coat of course).
Next I applied a small silver holographic glitter polish.

Then this was the part that took more effort, because I don't own any nail polishes with just large & medium silver hexagons I used the next option & used this one. So in order to get just the medium & large hexagons I had to apply a little bit on a random non important object that I didn't need & using a pointed orange stick I picked up only the ones I wanted to use. 

Once I was done doing all that this is what it looked like.
However, because those hexagons were just a flat silver I used a polish I had that contained some holographic silver hexagons. & applied a couple here & there. 

Then I applied a top coat. 

lol! Just remember if you have a lot of nail polish, dont forget you can recreate almost anything!

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  1. haha so true, i definitely have enough polish for basically any look! this is a perfect recreation, looks gorgeous :)

  2. Oh wow, this is so close to the original if you hadn't shown me I would have guessed you actually used them! Cool idea