Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art Stud Kit Manicure (=

Hello everyone! Today I have a super fun post to share with you guys!
Sally Hansen sent me some nail art products to play around with.
& Since Sally Hansen is pretty much available every where around the world I'd be more than happy to share the looks I created with them. 

 So first off I used this Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art - Studs Kit. Which contains 1 rhinestone/stud picker upper that also can be used as a cuticle pusher. Along with black acrylic rhinestones, silver/clear acrylic rhinestones & gold metal studs, & theres 2 grams of each so you'll have plenty for multiple manicures.

So for the first look I wanted something blingy. So I used black & silver rhinestones to cover the whole nail. & Yes I know I could have used black under the black rhinestones however I really didn't want to I wanted them to stand out a bit more. I really enjoy this look, however it's not meant for a week long manicure. Normally best for a big event or special occasion just because the rhinestones will start to fall off after some time. Unless you chose to use nail glue which will make them last much longer than just the regular top coat method. 

& Now for the second part of the design. So for this part I used the new I Love Nail Art Pens that come in a LARGE variety of colours!! They're very vivid, & super easy to work with! I really enjoy this & will have to pick some up!

So my daughter just turned two in December & we've been teaching her shapes. So I thought I would incorporate those into my manicure. So I did squares with the 450 Turquoise pen, the circles with the 340 Neon Pink pen & the triangles with the 450 Chartreuse pen.

So for the most opaque designs using these I'd suggest creating the design & then going over it again just to get full opacity.

Also if you mess up it's easy to fix you can either use soap & warm water to remove the design or a bit of alcohol. & once you get a design that you like & feel is complete, just apply top coat to lock it in. (= 

The new Sally Hansen Nail I Love Nail Art items are currently available now. (=

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  1. how fun - loving those cute little vials and the pen colors!!!

  2. I can't believe just how vibrant the nail art pens are over the black! Looks like I may have to try and get some for myself. I've stuck away from the Barry M ones so far, but the more posts I see using them the more I think it would make my life a lot easier :)