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Hello! I hope everyones having an awesome day! Today I wanted to share with you my review on the LUSH Tender is the Night massage bar! 

So this is my second time using/trying a massage bar from LUSH & I honestly seriously enjoy these things. They're amazing. & It's not only me who loves this, my husband thinks we should get a couple more if it means more back massages for him. LOL. I'm sure most of you have tried to give someone a back massage & you've applied a lotion or some type of oil on your hands or their back & about 5 minutes or so into the massage all the product has been absorbed into both yours & their skin. Well this does absorb but takes much longer than other things I've tried. So that way you don't have to keep reapplying the product. Which is awesome because then it lasts much longer than others. 

Also this massage bar in particular has such an amazing scent. It's very romantic/therapeutic scent. It's very aromatic, so as soon as you rub the product in between your hands & it starts to melt, it lets of this amazing scent that starts to fill up the room. It's a very relaxing & mood setting scent. & It leaves your cuticles & hands very moisturized!

However I would like to caution anyone who uses massage bars to store them somewhere cool. My husband didn't know this & put it in one of the bathroom drawers, where it's very hot because of the heater & we always keep the door closed because of my daughter. So it melted. However we put it in a plastic cup & put it in the freezer waited till it was a solid popped it out & then put it back in the tin. Of course it didn't look as gorgeous as it did when I first got it, however it worked & smelled no different.

The Tender is the Night weighs 60g & can be purchased at your local LUSH shop later this month. However if you don't have one near you or can't wait you can purchase it online (click here) for 11.95$ CAD.

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  1. I would really love to give this a try! It sounds wonderful! :D