LUSH Neon Love Soap Review

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Hey readers! Today I will be sharing review on the new LUSH Neon Love Soap.
 & In my opinion, it's AMAZING!

Now if you have never tried a Lush soap, I would highly recommend that you do. & I would highly recommend this one as well. It smells wonderful, not in an overpowering way but in a clean sweet way. It's not a BAM! in your face scent which I love. Also the soap itself doesn't leave your hands feeling dry, like all the moisture has been sucked out of them. They feel clean & fresh. Which is one of the reasons why I absolutely love their soaps. & this soap is no exception. That & the colour combination is just super cute! 

Here are the directions Lush suggests "For hands, and use all over naked bodies. Get sudsy in the bath and shower."

& here is a Lush tip which applies to all their bar soaps. "For optimal longevity, keep LUSH soap in a well-drained soap dish (away from water) between uses."

The Neon Love Soap weighs 100g & can be purchased at your local LUSH shop later this month. However if you don't have one near you or can't wait you can purchase it online (click here) for 6.95$ CAD.

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  1. this soap smells so good! I love lush soaps. I think I got lucky though because my bar is really cute haha it has a big heart in it :)