LUSH Love Locket bath bomb review

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Hey guys!! Today I have a really awesome product review for you guys. So I am a huge fan of LUSH products & have LOVED them for the longest time. They have some seriously amazing products. I haven't tried all of their products of course. However I have tried some of their bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps etc.

So let's get right into todays product review.
This is the Love Locket bath bomb. 

It's HUGE ! This bath bomb weighs a whopping 269g & is almost bigger thank my hand! 

So here are the LUSH directions on how you can use this bath bomb is.
"Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the Bath Bomb whole or break your heart and use each piece plus the inner heart individually for three baths."

So instead I broke it completely in half & the broke the mini heart inside in half as well. That way I could get two wonderful baths out of this huge heart! So once I dropped the bath bomb pieces into the water & it started to fizz & turn the water a beautiful pink & while that was happening these cute little red, pink & white confetti hearts began to pop out & swim throughout the water as the bubble bath continued to fizz. It was enjoyable to watch. 

I really enjoyed this bath bomb because not only is watching what happens when you drop it in the water fun, but because it gives your bathroom a very aromatic, therapeutic very relaxing scent of Jasmine & Vanilla. & While soaking in the water it all of the amazing oils absorb into your skin. So when you get out not only is your skin soft but smells wonderful. 

This wonderful bath bomb can be purchased at your local LUSH shop later this month. However if you don't have one near you or can't wait you can purchase it online (click here) for 10.95$ CAD.

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  1. This is so much fun! Great review. I might be trying mine tonight :D