LUSH The Kiss Lip Gloss Review

Hey guys! Today I will be sharing my review on LUSH The Kiss lip gloss from their Valentines collection! 
So let's get right into the review.

First of all let me say I love, love, love the packaging. It's very simple & not fancy shmancy. & same goes for the product itself. When applied it's very smooth, also it adds a beautiful sheer pink tint to the lips. Also it's not like one of those lips balms/glosses that taste terrible when a bit gets in your mouth. It also has a hint of shimmer in it, which is awesome because what girl doesn't love a little shimmer?! This is a very moisturizing which makes it perfect for this chilling weather!

One thing I do recommend is to store it at room temperature or in a cool place, because it can melt very easily.

The Neon Love Soap weighs 6g & can be purchased at your local LUSH shop. However if you don't have one near you or can't wait you can purchase it online (click here) for 9.25$ CAD.

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