Hey guys,
I know it's been a long time, & some of you may know that I had something going on. Well I think it's time I share what's been happening & how it'll affect the blog. Anyways so heres what's going on I'm actually 5 months pregnant & will be moving Dec. 1st. So I have a lot of my plate. I have been packing & sorting through my home like crazy figuring out what we'll be taking with us, what we're gonna be donating & what we'll be throwing out. I am not sure exactly how long this blogging break will last, but I'm positive it won't be forever. Anyways I just wanted to let you know what was going on & why I have been absent.

So with all that being said here is a review for you (=

These were sent to my for reviewing purposes.
Elvira's Zombie
According to their website it says "Ylang Ylang and Red Poppies, grounded with Tobacco Leaves and Black Vanilla Bean, while taking flights of fancy with a frosty Methadone accord and powdery Coca Petals."
I have no clue what Tobacco Leaves smell like, but all that comes to mind is the smell of cigarettes. However this doesn't have a single hint of that so I am assuming thats not what actual tobacco leaves smell like. The main smells I can notice are the Ylang Ylang, & Black Vanilla Bean which I seriously adore.

Honestly I think I would have been put off by the description however the perfume itself once given a chance is amazing. For the 1.0 fl oz / 30 mL it costs $25.00
If you're interested CLICK HERE 

Piña Colada
 Now for the one my favourite. The Piña Colada description says " both light and dark rum, a dash of bitters and a little double cream. Demeter's Pina Colada is a luscious mixture of Cream of Coconut, Fresh Pineapple and Light Rum, blended to a perfect sweetness and richness." & HONESTLY they have it EXACTLY correct. It smells exactly like a Piña Colada. It's almost as if it's playing a trick on my nose! It's unbelievable realistic, as if someone was holding one under my nose.

Of course it's not very practical to a workplace, parent teacher meeting or school cause it smells so legitimate that people would think you were some sort of alcoholic or that you drank one before they spoke to you or something. It's that amazing. I love this smell so much, & I love wearing it, & I wish I could wear it everywhere & everyday but I don't really want anyone to try & surprise me with a intervention or something. 

For the 1.0 fl oz / 30 mL it costs $20.00
If you're interested in purchasing this CLICK HERE


  1. Congratulations!! Pregnancy and moving are both big tasks and I fully understand why you need to take a break from your blog. I wish you all the best for the time ahead! I'll be here waiting for you :)

  2. Congratulations! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate and I will definitely miss your posts but hope you decide to come back once you have a little more time if that's even possible haha :) Hope your move goes smoothly !