Green Earth Candle Review Part 1

Hey readers, I am so excited for this, it's gonna be on the company Green Earth the candles they make/sell. So last Wednesday my brother, husband, daughter & I went to the mall that was a town over. It is much bigger than the mall I have in my town, so it's always a nice treat so go & check out the stores they have. 

 As I recently let you know I am a huge lover of candles, so while I was at the mall I was on the hunt for some candles & it just so happens that Green Earth was the first store we seen when entering the mall. So if you check out their website you'll see a bunch of other cool items, & that is the main reason why my husband wanted to check it out. So while we were looking around I seen some candles & instantly I went to them. So how I normally go about picking candles is by smelling them, I'll take off the lid & smell it. That's it. Whatever smell I like the best I get my husband to smell, that way he can tell me whether he likes the scent or not as well. 

So the scents I bought were Orange Cream, Pina Colada & Mint Cream.

So my first impression of these candles (In store) was that wow, they're were all very fragrant. My favourite was Pina Colada, I've always love anything Pina Colada, so I was very excited.

So when I got home, the first one I lit was Pina Colada, I lit it in my dinning room cause I was tidying up & doing some laundry & I couldn't smell it that much. So I wasn't sure if it was because I was around it for the time that it was lit but when I thought about that I thought how silly would that be, so I asked my husband to come into the dining room & asked him what he thought about the scent & strength & the first thing that he said was I can barely smell it. Which was very disappointing for me.  (I tried it again & the outcome wasn't different)

Next one I tried was the Orange Cream, to be very honest with you with was my favourite one when it was lit. The scent was beautiful, very aromatic & everything I expected from them from the first impression.

& lastly was the Mint Cream, this one was very weird. It was a weak-medium, however it left a weird scent/smell in the back my nose/throat. No I did not try to eat it, it was just from the aroma. With as soon as I noticed I put the candle out & put the lid back on.

So 2 out of 3 of these candles disappointed me, however I emailed the company via their website told them about my experience & they said

" Hello,
Thank you for your email.  If you are not satisfied with the candles you purchased, simply bring in the candles and the original receipt and we will gladly offer you a full refund.  If you do not happen to have the receipt, we will do an exchange for 2 new candles.

Green Earth."

However because I did get these out of town I sadly can't just go back & exchange them, so I emailed them letting know that, so I hope they will be able to do the exchange because most likely by the time I'll be able to go back the exchange/refund window would be closed.

So as you can tell this review is not over just yet. So keep an eye out for part 2. (=

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