Square Hue Tester/Review

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a wonder Canada day & a safe weekend ! So today I have a really interesting post for you. It's on a company called SquareHue they are a monthly nail polish subscription box. It's 15.00$ for your first box & then any box after that is 21.00$ per month (shipping is free) & each month they will send you 3 different trending nail polish colours. If you would like to know more or sign up go to http://www.squarehue.com/how-it-works/

Anyways what is so interesting about todays post is that. I was their Canadian guinea pig. Yes they provided me with one of the subscription boxes, & once it arrived, I had to tell them how long it took, if there was custom/duty fees, & if everything arrived safely. So here is the results. I received the box in less than a week, may take a bit longer depending where you live in Canada. There was no custom/duty fees & everything arrived completely intact. 

With all the being said, I can now let everyone know they are looking into shipping to Canada. 
So heres what the June 2013 box look like.

Lincoln Road is a beautiful grey. It's a really nice light creme & it applies amazingly. In the picture above I used two coats.

Collins Avenue is a seriously bright orange. It's a neon creme orange that has a nice touch of shimmer to it. It's very eye catching & summery feeling.

Ocean Drive is a fantastic blue polish. It is such a bright welcoming creme colour. & I really really love this colour & I think it would be perfect for all seasons.

[Overall thoughts]
I really, really love this company. 1 of the things I adore about this brand is their packaging. No not just how they pack it to be ship but I even mean the bottle shape. So the first thing I love about the package for shipping is that each of the polishes are separated with something between them so the glass isn't touching. & then the fact that they sort of suspended in the middle of the box so they can't bounce around is amazing & on top of that they add package stuffing, so you know that they're gonna arrive safe.

& What I love about the polish bottles. I must admit I love squares. I don't know what it is. It could be the clean edges or just that all sides are even. Anyways aside from the shape I love the white label & cap. It just adds to the clean look the everything else has. Also the brushes are really good, they aren't to thick or to thin & the bristles aren't all wacky. Its a good brush.

So my overall opinion is... Why haven't you signed up yet?


  1. Ocean Drive is such a stunner! I love the bottle shape too.

  2. I signed in today now that they ship to Canada for about 25$ all included! Can't wait to get my first box!