Priti NYC Review! (You seriously need to check this out, this company is amazing)

Hey guys! Today I have a awesome review for you. The brand is called Priti NYC & they were kind enough to send me two polishes, a nail strengthener & the cuticle oil. So lets jump right in.

First lets start with the items that don't need swatches.

Priti Strong Nail Strengthener:  So far I have been using the nail strengthener about twice a week & I have really fallen in love with it. I've had such great results with it & to be honest I think thats why my nails got as long as they did. It does a fabulous job & I honestly have nothing negative to say about it.

Almond Cuticle Oil w/ Ginseng Root Extract: This product is so amazing. I can't even beginning to express my love for this cuticle oil. It's so, so amazing. It has helped my cuticles so much, they look a lot healthier, feel healthier & are a lot healthier. This is not one of those annoying cuticle oils that feel super thin, not very moisturizing & greasy. This actually feels amazing as it glides on the cuticles & skin. & When you rub it in, you can feel it starting to work. You feel it penetrating the skin & sinking in & it feels wonderful. & the smell oh my gosh. I cannot get over the smell. It's so relaxing & smells so aromatic. I just adore this & this is something I will be purchasing either just before or as soon as I do run out. It's just an glorious product.   

Soy Polish Remover Wipes - 10 Count: These are amazing! I cannot get over how great they work. This product is absolutely FABULOUS! When I power-swatch I'll use acetone to take off all the polish except for the last one then I bust out one of these bad boys & it leaves my nails & cuticles looking great, as if I didn't take off 10 polishes prior to it. It doesn't take a lot of work, the material they use is awesome it's super strong & doesn't start to rip or tear. & You only need 1 of them for both hands, which I love! I would highly recommend these to anyone seeking a non-acetone polish removing system.

Lady Betty Balfour: Ugh! Such a beautiful shimmering polish! I really enjoy this colour. Now I must admit this polish doesn't look like it does on the site, in person. I do not regret picking it because it turns out I love how it looks more in person than it does on the site. Also it's pretty opaque, I used coats for complete opacity.

Monkey Puzzle: This polish is incredible. I adore everything about it. I love the blue polish & the holographic scattered. It's super great to work with & only needs 2 coats! I am so inlove with it! 

[ Overall Opinions ]
I love everything about this company, they are truly fabulous. Their products are of excellent quality. They're also Cruelty Free & Vegan friendly. & Also they have a link on their website which allows you to send in your old used nail polish that you don't want or use to recycle it & dispose of it properly. Which helps out the environment! I just love this companies attitude toward business & how they put their products & brand out there in a classy, & environmentally friendly way. Which is ALWAYS a huge plus in my books !! 

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  1. The Bad Monkey puzzle looks green on my phone. Both polishes are pretty.