Pretty & Polished - This is F$@‪#‎ing‬ Awesome

Hey guys! Today I have a beautiful glitter top coat to share with you guys! I was sent this so I can share it with everyone! & I must admit when I seen it I knew I had to wear it as soon as I took off my last manicure. & since I don't want to keep you waiting this wonder polish is...
Which is to be released August 3rd!

So here are a couple of pictures of how I work This is F$@‪#‎ing‬ Awesome.
 As you can tell I topped it over a plain creme (Wet 'n' Wild - French Manicure), that way it'll showcase all the beautiful glitters a lot better. & as you can tell is turns a boring white manicure into a F$@‪#‎ing party. It makes it so playful & fun. I cannot get over how awesome it is. & incase you can't tell what's in this beautiful polish, let me describe it to you. It's a clear base with neon blue, pink & green squares, small black holographic hexagons, black diamonds & last but not least super gorgeous fuchsia shreds.  Which all combined make a seriously eye catching polish topper!

*& sadly the air bubbles are from my top coat =( *

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