Ooh La Lacquer - Hypnotize

Hey readers ! Today I have a GORGEOUS polish the share with you!
It was sent to me by Ooh La Lacquers (All the links are at the end of the post). This beautiful polishes name is Hypnotize & If you are interested in getting it, Click HERE. So I'm not just saying it's beautiful because I am a sucker for black & white, it's because it's so eye catching & so versatile! So lets get started.

In the two pictures above I am wearing nothing but 3 coats of Ooh La Lacquer - Hypnotize. Theres no base colour. & It's awesome I love it by itself. & It lasted a SUPER DUPER long time! I can't even begin to explain how long it really would have lasted if I didn't change my manicure after 3 days! I scrubbed the bathroom, did the dishes, you know basic house chores but WITHOUT gloves & is didn't go ANYWHERE! It stayed put! Which I love. & To remove it I used the foil method which made it very easy!

In this picture above I am wearing 1 coat of Wet & Wild French Manicure & 1 good coat if Hypnotize! & then on the ring & pinky finger I am wearing Orly Peaceful Oppositions. I got a lot of compliments on this manicure ! Which is always a good ego boost! Can't get enough of this one!

& Here on the picture above I have White on my thumb, middle & pinky fingers & then black on my pointer & ring finger. & 2 coats of Hypnotize over them. I really love this look as well cause it's so cute! they're perfectly opposites.

[Overall opinion]
I LOVE Ooh La Lacquer. I love the brand name & the polishes!! Just you wait till I show you the next 3 ;) 

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