KKcenterhk Stamping plate & stamper Review

Hey guys! Today I have a review for you. It is a review for KKcenterhk. They were wonderful enough to allow me to review N.NAIL France Cross Lace Dot Bow Flower Heart Stamp Plate [NNAIL-SPPQA27] I really love all the designs on this stamping plate. So lets get started with the review.

 First I applied a base coat & then a base colour. The colour I have used is Essence Sunset Paradise.

 Here is a picture of the Stamping plate & the Stamper. The stamper does not come with the stamping plate however you can find it here.

As you can see I put a different design on each nail. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my thumb. So to stamp with I use Max Factor Dazzling Blue, which as you can see is a beautiful blue polish that shifts colours.

So when I was stamping I noticed that my plate is a defected plate, so I am not saying ALL of their plates are like this. However the one I received sadly was. As you can see in the picture of the stamping plate where there is supposed to be spaced out polka dots two are connect, which makes me think that may be why some of the other images didn't turn out so well on the nail.

However I am positive if you are a customer, & you receive a plate like so, if you contact their customer service they will make it right. Also I must add I am still a stamping beginner so I do need a lot of practice. Anyways now for some of the images, as you can see in the pictures not all of the images picked up properly in some spots. I had 4 images that didn't pick up properly however the rest picked up beautifully. & In all honestly I really do enjoy the plate. & the images that did turn out well.

Now for my thoughts on the stamper.
I really do like the stamper, it works perfectly & is a lot alike to my Konad stamper. It works the exact same way as my Konad & in my opinion is just as good. & A lot less pricier than the konad.

Overall thoughts
I really love this company they are wonderful, & carry such an amazing variety of products. They are all very affordable which is greatly appreciated & are constantly staying on trend with new nail products. I will be contacting them about the stamping plate & post an update. (=

Here is their links if you would like to check them out. Also I will link both the stamping plate & the stamper.


  1. I love that blue! The stamping is so well done.

  2. Did not know the max effect ones would stamp this well...

  3. Lovely! The blue is so intense!