Happy Canada Day !

Happy Canada Day!! 
I have been very very busy lately & knew I wouldn't have the time or patience to attempt to do this with stamping & I wouldn't even consider the thought of trying to free hand it. So when my husband & I were doing our date night on saturday, we went to the super touristy part of the city. Theres always corny T-shirts, souvenirs, etc & I knew they would either have to have nail appliques or glue on nails. & As luck would have it I found glue on nails. They are seriously super quick to apply very appropriate for the occasion & really cute. I think the only thing is, is that I hate press/glue on nails they never feel right. However they will serve their purpose today & come off tomorrow morning. 

So what are you doing today? Going to see fireworks? Having a BBQ?

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