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Hey guys,
Krystal here from . So, awhile back, the lovely Anita did a guest spot on my blog so when she asked me if I would do a spot for her, I was more than happy to return the favor! Only problem, Anita does such gorgeous work, its intimidating! Especially for someone like me who isnt the best when it comes to nail art... So, I tried to do a gradient, inspired by the lovely one she did one her blog, and it was a major fail:( Then I tried a splatter mani for the first time and that was also a major fail! The straw I used was way too big. SO, I decided to try out a tape mani:) I had done one before with some luck so....
Now, looking at my pictures, I should have used darker, more contrasting colors. I had a real hard time capturing my nails in pictures. UGH! So frustrating! LOL... But, I do like the way it turned out so....
First off, in case you don't know, a taping mani is a mani where you use stripping tape or regular tape to make designs on your nails. Usually just lines, which is what I did. It is super easy. Here is how you do it.
1. Paint your nails and let them dry. YOu need at least to colors for this mani. One on the bottom and one on top. (you can switch it around from nail to nail, if you like. So paint your nails and let them dry. Make sure they are dry! This is important or it will smudge. I actually painted them last night and did the rest today, just to be sure. You don't have to wait that long, but I didn't use a top coat so takes longer to dry.
2. Once your nails are dry, take your tape and place them on your nails in the patterns you want them to be. Here's a picture to give you an example. This is not from the mani I am showing you guys but it's from an older one and shows you how it should look.
I circled the spots where you can see the tape is lifting. You must avoid this!!! You will see, in my pictures, there's a few lil spots and it's because of this.

3. You could do one nail at a time, I guess but I find it much easier to put the tape on all fingers first. 

4.Next, apply your other color on top of the tape and WHILE THE POLISH IS STILL WET (not when dry, I had to ask to make sure I was reading it right, seemed odd to me but it's right) remove your tape, one at a time. If you have some tape overlapping others, make sure you remember what order you put them on and remove the ones on top first.

5. then, finish it off with a top coat. It's as simple as that and your results should look something like what I have to show:)
The two colors I used were Layla Hologram effect in "Purple illusion" and "Cloudy violet" Again, I wish I could have taken better pictures and captured them better. Like I said, I would definitely use more contrasting colors next time so that it really "pops"..

You don't really see it to the naked eye so much but those spots that you can see, that's what happens if the tape lifts , even just a bit, when you are putting polish on top

here's a close up of my thumb! This was my favorite. Love the way it turned out:)

here they are in the shade, can see the designs a bit more

So, that's that! I hope you guys like what I did. Like I said it's super easy and gives a nice look, especially for people like me who are artistically challenged:) Thanks to Anita for letting me be a guest. Don't forget to check out my blog 
and head over and like my FB page if you like what you see. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of this:) Bye Bye  xxx

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