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A Canadian Indie Lover's American Adventure
Hello Everyone!  I'm really excited to have the opportunity to be a guest blogger on IntensePolishTherapy today!  I'm visiting you from TheLazyLaquerista.  As a fellow Canadian blogger and polish lover I wanted to share my recent trip to the US and associated indie haul with you.
I love indies.  There are just so many combinations of colours, textures and glitter that you just can't find in the big polish brands.  I also love to support small businesses when they make a great product.  However, if you live in Canada too... or really, anywhere outside the US... you know how expensive it can be to have things shipped to us.  When I found out I was going to visiting Washington D.C. with about a month's notice the first thing I did was contact the hotel to find out if it was ok to have small packages shipped there with the potential of them showing up before I arrived.  I was very happy when the response came back saying that they would keep them for me until I got there.  Time for a shopping spree!!  I think a lot of hotels are willing to do this so if you have a trip coming up and will have some extra room in your checked luggage then you have the chance to save some cash.
The first stop on my shopping spree was Neener Neener Nails.  They were conveniently (and still are) having a $5.50 full sized bottle sale.  How could I resist?  I ordered five bottles total, though one unfortunately broke in the mail.

I should mention at this point the awesome customer service I received from Annette at Neener Neener Nails.  All I wanted was a refund for the broken bottle since there wasn't enough time to ship another to the hotel and I know how much more Canadian shipping is.  She has sent me a replacement to my home in Canada and even offered to pay any customs/duty charges if there were any.  How amazing is that?  She went way beyond what I was expecting and I know I will be a repeat customer because of it.  Shipping within the States was $5.65.  Shipping to Canada would have been $12.80.  Total savings so far: $7.15.
Next up was Tough As Nails Lacquers.  I opted for the mini bottles so that I could try more colours for the same price.  I especially love the Come and See collection based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  I bought three out of the four colours from it.  Shipping within the States was $3.50.  Shipping to Canada would have been $14.  The total savings jumps to $17.65.

The third shop on my indie spree was Badass Nails.  They had a bunch of glittery holos that weren't overwhelmingly holo-ey that I wanted to try.  Again I opted for mini bottles so I could try more colours.  Shipping in the states for these guys was $7.  They don't ship to Canada at all so this was my only chance to get my hands on them.

Starry Earth is another brand that doesn't ship to Canada but who had a couple polishes that had caught my eye.  Even better they were having a sale when I ordered.  Another chance to try some polishes that I just can't get my hands on back home.

Last but not least I had to get some LynBDesigns polishes.  I already had a couple of her polishes that I love and wanted to try lots more.  Mini bottles and I are good friends now, haha.  LynBDesings does ship internationally but does so on an individual order basis.  I've inquired before and it would have been about $12 to ship to Canada.  Getting them in the states only cost me $6.  Total shipping savings climbs to $23.65.

So what can you actually bring back on a plane?  Right now the rule is no hazardous/flammable materials with an exemption of up to 70 fluid ounces for medicine and personal toiletry items.  These have to be in you checked luggage so make sure they're packed up in a way that they won't break.  Considering that an average full sized nail polish bottle is half an ounce, you could theoretically bring back 140 bottles (though that's going a bit overboard, even for me)!  I left all of my wrapped up in the bubble mailers they came in so that they would be safe on the journey home.  I'm pretty sure whoever x-rayed my bag got a good laugh at my suitcase which was a third full of polish.

Overall I saved $23.65 in shipping.  That's about 3 full sized polishes or 6 minis.  I also got to try a couple brands I wouldn't have had the chance to otherwise.  A lot of hotels will let you mail packages to them and some sellers will even hold off shipping your order until shortly before you get to your hotel.  So, if you have a trip to the US planned and want to bring back some polish souvenirs,  keep those eyes open for sales and check out some indie shops that don't ship internationally.  I can't wait to swatch and review every single one of the indies I brought home with me!  


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