Guest post by Maria from RedPolishOrBadPolish !!

Hello world!!!!
It's me Red Frog - Maria and I'm extremely happy to be here at Anita's place for polishes - thanks a lot,Nene!This is my first guest post and wow...feel so good.
I've wondered a bit what should I show you,guys,but the decision was easy to be made - the next of the Djeep series mani.Djeep series?Yes.I collect Djeep lighters and believe me they are a hell of a inspiration for nail art designs.This one here is from one of my favorite Djeep collections - look at those colors and the decoration.So 'me' believe me.The perfect mani I could ever show
as a guest..So no more blah blah - my nails,my style,Anita's blog.....
 What I've used for this design - OPI Stranger Tides - the greatest greenish grey in the world,Essence Color&go 23 Sundancer - gorgeous and strong yellow with a bit of orange undertone,Catherine Arley in a super sweet peachy pinkish number on the bottle/sorry/...and some acrylic paints.
All three polishes have truly great opacity - sleek as butter...calories free of course.
So without anymore talking - that's me...Enjoy,comment and be happy...
You can find more about my work at my own nail world at Red Polish or Bad Polish
                                                                                         See ya soon,

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