Cult Cosmetics ROCK N' ROSES nail art kit review

Hey guys! Today I have a really awesome nail art kit review to share with you. I was sent 3 nail art kits from Cult Cosmetics. The kits they have sent me are Beach Babe, Rock 'n' Roses & Ombre Overdose. So Today I will be sharing my experience when using Rock N' Roses nail art kit.

The Rock N' Rose kit comes with the following items:
1 set of 3 nail art brushes
Essie Watermelon 
Essie Blanc
Essie Sew Psyched
Color Club Where's the soiree
& A Cult Cosmetics Sticker (=

To see the original look that this kit is built around please go to "

1.So the first step I did before anything was, applying a base coat. That way my nails are protected from yellowing & staining, the base coat is not included in this kit.
2. Paint two coats of Color Club - Where's the Soiree
3. Add tiny spots of Essie Blanc in random places on your nails. We'll be laying pink dots over the white ones, so the white will help make the pink polish more vivid. Place as little or as many dots where ever you choose. 
4. Using Essie's Watermelon, apply pink dots over the white dots.
5. Using Essie Sew Psyched & using the tiniest nail art brush, that came with your kit. Sort of in a swishing motion make tiny leaves. (Clean the brush with polish remover immediately after using, this will not only make it much easier for next time you want to use it but it will also have a longer life, when properly taken care of)
6. Mix a bit of  Essie Blanc & Essie Watermelon together on a disposable surface. Then using another nail art brush make tiny C, O & U shapes. 
& Finish with a top coat to seal in your design. (Top coat is not included in the kit) 

See It's VERY easy.

Overall Thoughts
In my very honest opinion, I absolutely love this company. First lets start with the price of the kits, they start at 10.99 and they end at 24.99. & No matter what kit you get, you'll be getting your moneys worth. for instance, the French Manicure kit costs 10.99 however you get 1 full essie polish (which in canada can retail as high as 10.99 alone, & then you get a nail art duo white polish, tip guides & some cosmetics sponges.
& in the Teen Spirit kit that costs 24.99 you really get your moneys worth. You get 3 Essie polishes, 1 Color Club, 1  Orly & some straws for nail art.

So I really love what this company is doing. They are making it so easy everyone to love try or do nail art. They're making  it very simple, especially because they're giving you everything you need to do a simple yet awesome looking manicure all in one kit. It's just brilliant.

& Shipping, ugh this is a super huge factor of why I love this company, all orders under 40$ is a flat-rate price of 5.00$, & all orders over 40.00$ is free. & This even includes CANADA !! I cannot get over how easy they are making this. I really love how they took the whole nail art community by storm.

I highly suggest this site, you will love them. & They have such a large variety of different kits to choose from. & it's not like you have to use that kit only for the 1 design, you can let your mind run wild doing different designs & patterns.  I just really think this company is gonna go super far, & honestly I can already see them having a huge impact on the nail polish & nail art community.

Also they have created a monthly subscription to find out more information & get 50% off your first box go to

& Your first box will $14.99 including shipping.
After your first box the price will be $19.99 + Shipping, of course you can cancel anytime you wish.
Also each month you will receive 

 3 Full Size Polishes
2 Tools / Accessories
There will also be step-by-step video tutorials on how to create 3 different looks. 

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