Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Swatch, Nail Art & Review

Hey guys ! Today I have a review/nail art post for you. Yesterday I put up post, on a Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polish however I wasn't allowed to share that with you guys until around august/september. Of course I didn't know, so when I found out I took it down. So today I have Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Spare-A-Mint.

This is a beautiful Textured teal creme polish, & it is so pretty, I applied two coats for it to be completely opaque. Even though it's a texture polish they applied with ease! & Taking it off is MUCH easier than glitter.   It's not super gritty, it's not scratchy & it's just textured. 
I am loving this whole texture trend!

Saly Hansen Sugar Coat Spare A Mint

Saly Hansen Sugar Coat Spare A Mint

So when Sally Hansen sent me these products oddly enough the black polish (Lick-O-Rich) did not come with a front label. However It's still a texture polish.
So what I did was I took a sponge & started to do a gradient over the teal texture.
& this is how it turned out.

Saly Hansen Sugar Coat Spare A Mint & Lick O Rich

Overall review
These are amazing! I love love love these. I love the whole texture trend & I love that they're a solid creme texture. & Of course Sally Hansen ALWAYS stays on trend & keeps up. They're always coming out with new collections that fit each trend perfectly. & The best part is you can buy Sally Hansen products at almost store. Application was awesome and taking off the polish was just as easy.

So what are your thoughts on the texture trend?
Would you pick up any of these?

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