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Hey guys! So today I have a product review for your guys. Natali is a company that sells nail products to licensed nail techs. Here is their website if you wanna check them out
All together they sent me a base coat, 60 seconds top coat, oily polish quick dry, purple micro bead, & black & white flocking powder.

So using first I applied the Natali base coat let it completely dry, then I applied 2 coats of China Glaze liquid leather & let that dry after my nails were completely dry I applied a coat of of the fast drying top coat. While the topcoat was still wet I applied the black flocking powder. I used a tiny container to put my finger over that way it'll catch all the little particles. After that I pressed the flocking powder onto the polish with my finger. & applied the oily polish quick dry.

To see how I created this easter manicure click on the words Fuzzy Bunny

Now how I created this Caviar Accent manicure using these Purple Micro Beads. 
First I applied the Natali base coat, then I applied two coats using Sally Hansen - I Lilac You. After both coats were fully dry I applied the quick dry top coat & then applied the mirco beads, still using a small tray to catch the fallen. A manicure like this can normally last about 1-3 days depending on your life style. 

Base coat: The base coat was pretty good, I like when base coats are sort of a cream colour cause then it helps cream finish polishes look more opaque. The one flaw I found in this base coat was when I applied OPI - Swimsuit... Nailed it!, the base coat doesn't help against staining. So as a test I buffed the stains from my nails applied the base coat to all ten nails, let it completely dry then applied 10 different blue polishes to my nails. The only one that stained was the OPI - Swimsuit... Nailed it.

Topcoat: The topcoat was pretty good, had a pretty good drying time & kept a decent shine. I enjoyed it.

Oily Polish Quick Dry: This stuff was pretty good, works like any other "quick dry" system. 

Flocking Powder: The flocking powder was fun to work with, there's so much you can do with it. It's something I would recommend. 

Purple "Glass" Beads: Now I am about 95% sure that they're not glass, I am pretty sure they're metal. They're pretty & they're fun to play around with, however the colour does bleed a bit. It doesn't lose it's colour completely but it fades.

Overall it was a good experience & very few problems.

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