Indigo Bananas Maui Swatches !!

Hey guys! Today I have a SUPER DUPER gorgeous polish to share with you! It's...
This polish was provided to me by the lovely Andrea who owns & operates Indigo Bananas. Anyways before I shut up I'd just like to ask that you go like her facebook page 
Okay now I'm gonna shut up & show you the swatches.
Indigo Bananas - Maui
Indigo Bananas - Maui
The application was beautiful, it application was very even & smooth. Once it was dry it has the slightest bit of texture, but it's not gritty. For all photos above I applied 3 thin coats. & 1 coat of topcoat.
I cannot get over the beauty of this polish. The colour shifts are just stunning, it's not like some of those polishes where you can only see the shift if you put it under water. It's shifts are so smooth too it almost looks as if it were a perfect gradient sometimes. It's truly an amazing especially with the holographic glitters. Now I know sometimes with some polishes the holographic glitters will just take away or distract how beautiful the base is but in this case they compliment each other very well. & It is very eye catching both in the shade & in the sun!

So what do you think of the polish? 
Do you like multichrome polishes with holographic glitter?
Do you own any Indigo Banana Polishes? 

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