How to- Gradient.

Hey guys!
So today I am gonna be doing a post on one of my most loved manicures EVER!
Now you may not know what I am talking about if you only follow my blog, but somedays when I don't feel like blogging I'll just post a picture on my IntensePolishTherapy Facebook Fanpage. & This was one of those manicures. Now everywhere I posted this a lot of people "liked" the picture & asked that I do a how-to post. So that it was I will do today.

So first you will need polishes (=
Yours don't have to be the exact ones I used, they could be similar or even different colours. It's really up to you. So the polishes I used are
 Wet n Wild White
 Essie Shake Your $$ Maker
 Essie In The Cab-ana 
 Essie DJ Play That Song
& You're also going to need a sponge.

So start off by painting your nails white. This allows the colours to really stand out & be more vivid.
Next starting with the green using the end of the nail polish brush I DABBED a medium size dot on the one edge of the sponge. 
Next using the blue I dabbed a "U" shape around the circle.
& then did the same using the purple.
I prefer to dab the polish on using the end of the brush so every time I go to reapply the polish, the lines will always be the same thickness. 

Once you have the polish on the sponge like so, then you want to line up the design however you want it to apply on your nail. I decided I want the green to be near my cuticles . I applied it once to each nail let it dry for about 5 minutes & then went in with a second application.

After the second application I cleaned up around my nails.

Now I am going to show you how I do my touch ups/3rd application.
Using the corner a sponge, I did the same application almost. however with the way that the corner sponge is shaped, it lets me do the sides of my nails.

Now that touch ups are done, I clean up around my nails & apply top coat. (=  

Second time I did this manicure
Second time I did this manicure

First time I did this manicure
First time I did this manicure

So what do you think of this manicure?

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