Essie 2013 Summer Collection Swatches

Hey guys! I have a really amazing awesome post for you today & I absolutely couldn't share them with you until May 1st, 2013! I have the Essie 2013 Summer Collection to share with you today! & Let me tell you these polishes are beautiful. They are so stunning, I these are all creme polishes & 5 out of the 6 polishes have shimmers in it. Which I kind of don't understand, why they would make a collection with 5 polishes that have shimmer flecks in it but only one polish that doesn't? 

Essie Summer Collection 2013
 So from left to right we have 
Sunday Funday, The Girls Are Out, Full Steam Ahead, Rock The Boat, Naughty Nautical & The More The Merrier

 Full Steam Ahead is a beautiful cream lilac colour that has micro silver flakies swimming throughout it. Applied like a dream & was fully opaque in two coats. 

 Naughty Nautical is a beautiful deep teal colour that is so stunning. This is cream finish that has those beauty micro silver shimmers in it. Fully opaque in two coats.

 Sunday Funday is a fun deep salmon colour, this is another cream finish that has those silver micro shimmers in it. Fully opaque in two coats.

The Girls Are Out is a beautiful deep magenta cream colour with micro silver flakes. Fully opaque in two coats. 

The More The Merrier Now this one is the odd one. The cream colour goes with this collection perfectly however it doesn't have a single particle of those gorgeous silver flakes that seemed to have been this collections signature. So I am not sure what Essie was thinking when they left it shimmer-less. It's still pretty, however I would have loved for it to have contained those mirco silver flakes. Fully Opaque in two coats.

Rock The Boat now this is a beautiful grey toned light blue, this is another one of those beautiful cream polishes with those gorgeous silver micro flakes. This one was slightly on the less opaque side so I would recommend 3 thin coats for full opacity.

I really love this collection however The More The Merrier through me off, I just wish it had those pretty shimmers. Other then that I loved this collection, they're gorgeous. (=

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