Dripping Glitter Blood (Ceramic Glaze - Hong Kong Diva)

Hey everyone !
I am trying to work on some nail art & practice nail art that I haven't tried or not very good at. So I really wanted to try the dripping paint manicure. Of course at first I had no idea what polish to use for it but then I seen this colour on my nail rack & knew. I just knew that this is it. & then as soon as I finished the manicure & applied the top coat that I really wanna keep trying to perfect this. & Now all I can think was I murdered someone & glitter ran through their blood.

So This polish is Ceramic Glaze - Hong Kong Diva, it's absolutely gorgeous. & for the application all I did was dab a little bit on something disposable & used a toothpick.
I think it turned out pretty well but I still need practice.

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So how do you feel about this type of nail art?
Have you tried it, how'd it turn out?
Got any tips?

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