Darling Diva ACDC review

So first off I must extend my most sincerest apologies to Carrie, the creator or Darling Diva Polish. I truly am so sorry. I had thought that I already did & posted this review about a month or so ago. I clearly remember writing & assembling it however I can't find it at all in my previous posts. I really love these polishes so much, they are just so flippin beautiful. So I don't understand how I could just drop the ball like that. I feel really bad, but I am happy that I noticed & am posting it now. As they say better late then never, correct? Either way I feel terrible about it. & I hope you understand & forgive my mistake.
With all of that being said... lets get started.

OB = Over Black & 2C = 2 Coats (=
Dirty Deeds: This polish is a beautiful mix of holographic, & matte pink & purple glitters in a black base. Dirty Deeds is kind of hard to capture it's true beauty. & trust me if you think these pictures are beautiful it is a must that you see it in person! It truly is a NEED in everyones collection. & No I am not just saying this because I love purple. 

Thunderstruck: Thunderstruck is a seriously *&#!ing gorgeous polish! I love this one so much it's a bunch of different types of holographic glitter shapes in a black jelly base! This is another MUST HAVE seeing how gorgeous it is. & to be completely honest I have NOTHING like it in my collection.

T.N.T. Wow this polish is really something, it's so worthy of the name it has been given. Because it looks like burning ruble. Or when your sitting by the campfire & you hear it crackling & then you see a couple of sparks fly up looks just like that. It's so amazing how stunning this polish is. I dont even know how to explain the shimmer, it's like a yellow,  orange-redish, green shift glitter in a black jelly base. Truly Spectacular.

Overall Review
Ugh these polishes are amazing! They are all super unique & they all compliment each other very well.

If you would like to check out or even purchase any of these please go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/DarlingDivaPolish

& if you would like to support Darling Diva Polish like their facebook page

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