Colores de Carol Swatches & Review

 Hey guys! Today I have a really awesome post for you. The Indie company Colores de Carol was kind enough to send me 3 polishes for reviewing purposes!! & Let me just say they are so playful & adorable. & I can't wait to show you, so lets get started.

 From Left to Right: Rainbow Garden, Carnation & BPFF ( Best Polish Friends Forever )

Here we have the BPFF = Best Polish Friends Forever. Now the name alone is freakin awesome, but to top it off so is the polish. I applied a super light blue polish underneath so I didn't have to keep layering BPFF. If you know me you know I do this with pretty much every gorgeous polish that I can just so I can use as little product as possible so I get more uses out of it. So this polish is stunning, it has super tiny white glitter dots, Teal & light blue square glitters, pink circles, medium blue hexagons, & white hexagons all suspended in a beautiful perfect light blue base. This is a MUST HAVE!!

This pretty polish is named Carnation. It's a gorgeous polish. It has Red circle & square glitters, plum coloured hexagons, & clear iridescent hexagons. So it's a pretty unique polish. In the pictures above you near the free edge you can sort of see the clear glitter, it almost looks like I dented the polish. However when angled in a good light setting you can see the blue iridescence that it has, which is nice.  This is one coat over two coats of white.

 Now this polish, is a knockout! I lovee it. & No I don't just love it because I love glitter & things of the rainbow or because theres a heart. Okay you got me I love it because it's glitter, & a rainbow in a bottle & theres hearts. But not only is there just colourful hexagons & red hearts theres white diamonds. & I am pretty sure everyone already knows how obsessed I am with doing glitter gradient manicures. I cannot get enough of them. & this polish is just so perfect for doing them. So my obsession & this polish go hand in hand. This one is a real keeper !

So i would just like to say thank you so much Carolina for sending me these polishes I adore them!

Check out her blog:
If you wanna buy some of her polishes heres her shop link

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