Tip Top Nails Review

Hello everyone, today I have product review for you. Tip Top Nails which is a South African brand & they sent me 5 products to review & I really like all of them! They're so simple, so fun & so easy to use. I never really knew how I felt about this style of manicures/nail art, & they didn't tell me what they were sending me, so I must admit that I was surprised & excited about trying them. So let's get started because I can't wait to share these with you!

Tip Top - Scarlet Oh Glamour (Confetti Glitter)
This combination is amazing! I love this red! Oh my goodness this polish is amazing, it's an amazing one coater red. It's a beautiful Jelly-cream like finish that is paired up with a fine red glitter. I enjoy that this company is making it so that the nail polish & glitter can be used for nail art all in 1. I wore this manicure for about 24 hours & everything held up super well.

Tip Top - Drama Queen (Sprinkle Beads)
This is another awesome combination, a pure black polish with black microbeads, which is a nail art combination also known as Caviar nails. The black polish is super opaque & the microbeads don't bleed.  I also wore this manicure for a day as well & everything held up very well. Only a couple of the microbeads fell off, which is normal for this type of manicure. 

Tip Top - Platinum Pizazz (Wild Thing Glitter)
This is something I was really interested in when I first seen it. This combination is a clear top coat & the other side is silver holographic tinsel. I applied this the same day as Drama Queen & they looked great together ! They both held up equally as well, as most of people know nail art manicures such as these normally last about about 1-3 days. 

Tip Top - Party Animal (Nail Chic)
Party Animal is a beautiful cool toned purple, & as many of you may know that purple is my favourite colour. & to be honest if I seen this polish in the stores I would totally buy it. I really love this shade of purple. It's just so pretty & so easy to apply. The formula is so smooth & opaque, & was fully opaque in two coats.

Tip Top - Brownie Points (Nail Chic)
This is such a rich chocolate coffee colour. This brown is such a nice rich tone that is so full & vibrant for a brown. From what I can tell of the two Nail Chic polishes I got, the formulas for both are amazing, they applied with such ease & It was fully opaque in two coats. 

Overall Review
I really like this brand & I wish that they sold products like these at either Shoppers Drug Mart or somewhere else. I love the concept that they put the polish & the nail art (Glitter, microbeads etc.) all in 1 package. Which is both convenient & very likable also all of the products they sent me are really good quality. & I would really recommend these to any beginners, polishaholic or for someone to give as a gift. 

So what are your opinions about this brand? What do you think of them? Would you get any of them? Did you enjoy my post?

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