Rainbow Sparkles Kiko 255 & Color Club Harp On It

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good weekend !
Lastnight I wanted to wear something really pretty, purple, holographic, that of course had some glitter. So I choose a beautiful Kiko polish that a dear friend sent me. I really love this manicure & hope you do too !

So I used Kiko 255 & Colour Club Harp On It.
I applied a base coat (Nutra Nail Bullet-proof Strength)
Then applied two coats of my base colour (Kiko 225)
Then using Color Club Harp On It, I wipe off 1 side of the brush & applied a line of polish down the nail.

You can use striping tape if you want. (= 

Kiko 255

Kiko 255

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  1. Love this! I'm going to try it right now. Thank you for sharing :-)