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Hello everyone, today I have a product review on some LCN products. I was sent this products by LCN to share swatches & my honest opinions on them. The collection of polishes they sent me was from their Blossom Sorbet collection. Which I am very pleased to share my swatching of, with you. They also sent some nail care products as well. which were the Super Hardener & the Nail Oil. & they packaged all of the goodies in the adorable LCN bag! So lets get started. 

LCN I love Mint
I Love Mint is a beautiful, pastel mint green that isn't dull & washed out. Even being a pastel it has a beautiful kick of green in it which I love.  The formula was perfect to however I do this i should have applied a ridge filler sadly my nail got scratch & you can see the bumps on my pointer finger. To be fully opaque I applied 2 coats. (=

LCN Lilac Blossom
Lilac Blossom is a gorgeous purple, I seriously enjoy this colour. I find it to be more blue toned which I adore. However the application wasn't as perfect as the others. In the picture is two coats of Lilac Blossom & as you might be able to see it's not as smooth & opaque (Minus the slight imperfections on my pointer finger). For this polish to be fully opaque I suggest you either use 3 thin coats or 2 thick coats. 

LCN Soft Daisy
Soft Daisy is perfection. Pure Perfection. If you don't have a nice pastel purple I HIGHLY suggest this polish. Beautiful colour, wonderful application & fully opaque in 2 coats. I really love this colour! 

LCN Vintage Rose
Vintage Rose this is a beautiful bright pastel coral. It's a very very beautiful spring & summer colour that is very eye catching.  Beautiful formula & opaque in two coats. 

Super Hardener So this is what they told me when they let me know they sent it. "which is a nail hardener with fibers for added strength. It dries clear and can be used as a base and/or top coat or alone as a clear nail hardener.  It is a product that is recommended for clients going thru Chemo to help strengthen their nails.   Some Hospitals in Ontario actually give it to their patients."   Now for my thoughts on it. I really do love this product & it really is everything they claim it to be! It has given my nails much more strength. & I don't mean they never break & that they got super strong overnight. However it helped my nails a lot !  I got the products around March 19th & I really wanted to try it & make sure it works before I did this review. I really found it helpful for my nails & I would suggest it to anyone that has brittle, peeling, & thin nails.

Nail Oil is really helpful. My cuticles have been super dry however I have been applying it before bed. I apply the nail oil, then my Nancy K Lotion then my gloves.  Which help A LOT ! Plus the oil smells like lemony goodness!!

Overall Review
I really enjoy these, the polishes & the colours are adorable & the formulas are very easy to work with. & the nail oil & nail treatments are wonderful! I really love this brand & the nail strengthener is just amazing! (=

What do you think of the colours? 
& Are you gonna consider getting the Super Hardener?
Do you own anything from this brand?

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