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Hello everyone! I hope you're having a terrific day, mine however is not going so well. I sadly have caught a cold of some sort. Luckily before I damaged my finger & got sick I took lots of photos. I must admit, it was very smart on my part to have some extra post materiel set a side for a rainy day. Today I am gonna be doing a review on 3 polishes that I received from Sally Hansen in exchange I would post an honest review. 
The names are:
460 All Fired Up!
205 Pink Blink
#235 Supernova

First up I have Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure #406 All Fired Up! According to the press release information that nice enough to send me...
"The improved exclusive formula provides excellent strength, longer wear & extended shine for up to a ten day period. The unprecedented polish preps, treats & finishes nails as it imprts high-intensity colour." 

All the benefits you can receive just by using a Complete Salon Manicure polish is it acts as a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, top coat & has high-intensity colour, & a Gel sine & is chip resistant.

There are 49 "trend-right" shades: 37 new & 12 existing best sellers. They're sold in major drug stores, grocery stores, & other retailers across Canada. & Retail for 8.95$

[Everything after this is my own opinions & review] 
 I really enjoyed the quality of the polish, it was pretty easy to work with & it was actually very shiny. However I would never apply a red or blue polish without a base coat. So I am not sure if it would have stained my nails considering it has a base coat quality in the formula. Either way I am not someone who would risk it.

It applied very easily, wasn't streaky & fully opaque in two coats. As many of you know I normally wear polish for a day maybe two as the most so I can't tell if it'll last up to ten days. I wore it for a full 24 hours & then some & it actually help up nicely.  That & the formula is like a creamy jelly. like a Opaque jelly. 

Second I have is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri #205 Pink Blink. Pink Blink is a new colour a long with 3 others. According to the information they have it is says
 "Insta-Dri delivers gorgeously gloss, super-chic nail colour in a hurry. 60 seconds is all it takes to create shiny, vibrantly coloured nails. One stoke, one coat & you're done!

Insta-Dri features true blockbuster technology that sets it above the rest. The innovative application brush is unusually flat & wide & contours all nail types in one speedy coat. Colour glides on quickly & precisely for a fabulously flawless finish. Just apply a single stroke down the centre of the nail for a salon-perfect look.

Smudging & smearing is no longer a worry, nails are dry in an amazing 60 seconds. The nail colour's unique ultra-fast formula is enriched with an exclusive Flexiglass™ Complex, which combines beautiful shine with super-strong wear."

Suggested retail price is 4.95$ & they're available at select drug stores & mass retailers.

[Everything after this is my own opinions & review]
The application was very easy it was about 90% opaque in 1 coat however that all depends on how much polish you wipe off the brush, so I ended up applying two coats. & Just out of habit even if it was opaque in 1 coat I probably would still end up applying a second. The first coat did dry super fast, but I am not sure if it was 60 seconds I didn't pay to much attention to how many seconds I was just happy it dried fast. & with a second coat it took I would say about double the time as the first coat maybe a tiny bit more.

& I've only heard good things about this collection from Sally Hansen & how they are notoriously good for stamping.  Also as soon as I see Pink Blink I thought to myself wow, I believe that's a dupe for... (Dupe swatches/comparisons will be at the bottom of the post.)

The last but not least is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #235 Supernova, which is also new along with 3 other shades.
 According to the press release info "This line of fun & trendy shades lets your match your manicure to your mood or create an extreme statement. With all these hot shades to choose from you can change your look to fit any occasion. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Colour is formulated with Micro-Shine Complex that bonds to the nail proteins for a strong manicure that lasts up to 7 days of Xtreme colour, strength & shine."

Suggested retail price is 3.49$ & they're available at select drug stores & mass retailers.

[Everything after this is my own opinions & review] 
I really love & have such a soft spot for the Xtreme Wear collection considering when I first started my polish/nail art passion, they were my go to brand. However because I own most of them I stopped buying them. They are very affordable & pretty good quality. & a good amount of their polishes are pretty opaque. The glitter is beautiful & easy to work with, I tried building it up by itself & you can get good coverage without it being thick. This is a super cute glitter & once again I am quite pleased with this polish.

Sally Hansen is a pretty good over all brand they have a lot of dupes for more pricey polishes. You can always find something you want in their polish unless you already own them all. They often keep up with the latest trends so normally when a more expensive brand comes out with a new trend I know Sally Hansen is probably in the making of a new collection. They are very affordable & very easy to come by. & They are such a good brand whether you're a beginner or not. 

Now on to the Dupe (=
If you guess Sally Hansen Instra-Dri Pink Blink was a dupe for OPI - Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj collection you would be correct. Here they both are with 1 coat I believe & as you can tell the Sally Hansen is fully Opaque & the OPI polish isn't quite. So once again Sally Hansen has impressed me.

*The products in this post were sent to me in exchange for my honest review. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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