Quick Stamp Post

Hey guys to be honest I really don't feel like writing a long post today, I'm still not feeling that well so I'm just gonna let you know what I used & then that'll be it. & No worries once I feel better I'll rant about random nonsense okay? (=

Stamp Plate: Mash #40
Base Coat: Inglot Nail Whitener
Base Colour: L'Oreal Jet Set To Paris
Stamped With: L'Oreal Because You're Worth It
Top Coat: Inglot Fast Drying Top Coat

& Omg I was so nervous to use the Inglot top coat but I am so happy I did cause it didn't smudge or smear it at all not even a little bit. Soo happy about this. Also I love how my manicure matches the Jet Set To Paris bottle. With the whole blue & gold. (=


  1. Sooo beautiful, love the blue colour and the stamping. Get well soon!

  2. ♥ the colours & categories ( who knew you could do so much with polish :) )