Indie Polish - Wonder lust

Hey guys, how are you? I'm been feeling pretty icky lately not sure if I was coming down with a cold or something but oh well I am feeling much better now. I have to let you all know that I've been doing some new projects while I was taking a bit of a break. I made a light box, a new nail rack & I have been working on a review/demonstration of an order I placed. So this week coming up should be jam packed with some fun posts starting with this one.

Today I am wearing a gorgeous golden brown colour, I am not sure what the actually name for this beautiful colour is but I'll just continue to call it a golden brown. Indie Polishes Wonder Lust is a goldeny brown with tiny pinkish holographic hexagons. Now they're very hard to capture them when they're holographic but I promise you in person you can even see them under the polish which I happen to like. Considering most of the time when you get a shimmer pigmented polish like this & if it has glitter in it, you normally can't see the glitter all that well but the pink & gold/brown just go together.

I am very taken back by how much I like the little hints of the pink holographic hexagons considering I normally am crazy for glitter bombs or pure holographicness. To be honest I did the same manicure Saturday morning & completely forgot to take photos then last night I made 1 of my projects & ugh I completely ruined my manicure & had to redo it. It was very well worth it!

Anyways I hope everyone has an awesome sunday & enjoyed the weekend while it lasted! 


  1. it is so insanely hard to get good pics of this polish!!!! But you did an awesome job. We at indie polish salute your addiction and adore your blog

  2. It looks very cute :) Hope you don't get sick Anita :s Kisses