Glitter, Glitter & More Glitter !

Hey guys, today I wanted to share this cute manicure I did. Originally I was gonna do a purple manicure to support Epilepsy Awareness. So Instead of just doing 1 manicure in honour of Epilepsy Awareness From April 1st to the 5th I will be posting only purple manicures. I don't care what I had scheduled to post next week, cause this subject is very dear & near to my heart. If you wish you support my project & you decide to do 1 purple manicure or all 5 for the week, I would truly appreciate it & I am sure my dear friend April would to. Also if you are please let me know in the comments I would love to check out the manicures you come up with!

So on to todays post, this manicure is something I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I already had the accent finger in mind but I didn't know I was gonna do a reverse gradient until I was picking out the glitter & applying it.

So the products I used are listed in order of use:

Base Coat: LCN- Super Hardener 
Base Colour: OPI Can't Find My Czechbook
Accent Nail: OPI - Crown Me Already
First Gradient Glitter: Mason - 96
Second Gradient Glitter: OPI -
Top Coat: Natali - 60 Second Top Coat

So the first thing I did was applying my base coat to protect my natural nails from staining from this very pigmented blue polish. After applying my base coat I applied two coats of my base colour on my thumb, pointer, middle & pinkie fingers, then applied my accent nail colour to my ring finger & let it completely dry. Once the base colour was dry I applied my first glitter using the technique I do for every gradient manicure. I make sure the brush is covered in a lot of product & fully wipe off all the product on 1 side of the brush, then I going in either at the free edge or the nail near the cuticle & get the coverage I desire . Then I dip the brush back into the polish wipe of both sides leaving very little product & in small strokes applying the polish toward the middle of the nail. Once that was dry I took the second glitter & did the same process. Then I applied my top coat. & Taa daa! 

I must admit I just got OPI Crown me already, & It needs to be said that it is now my go to silver. It has such beautiful glittery coverage. <3 I just adore it.


  1. I dont know where else to tell you but re read your first sentance again, "Hey guys, today I wanted to this cute manicure I did" should it be "Hey guys, today I wanted to share this cute manicure I did"

    fix it before any one else notices.

    1. It's not to big of a deal. People would still understand what I meant. but thanks.

  2. Thanks so much Anita. I can't wait to see the purple manicures that are shared. For anyone that is okay with having them shared on my special blog post about epilepsy that will feature many bloggers' epilepsy photos please let me know. Just let Anita know when you post if she can share with me for my blog post. I will be linking to all blogs or Facebook pages that participate and hope you all will do the same. This is near and dear to my heart. You can follow my daughter's rollercoaster journey epilepsy on my Facebook (April N Raymond Nantz) if you'd like. Thanks again Anita. I appreciate you doing this to help raise awareness.

  3. So cute! I love glitters too.
    Your blue base color looks good combined with the OPI Glitter.