Ruby White Tips - Fly to the Moon

Heey, so today a have some beautiful pictures of a polish from a dear friend of mine. Her name is Laura & she is the creator of Ruby White Tips. Today I will be sharing a stunning polish that is name Fly to the Moon this its a Duo-chrome polish topper. In this post today I have pictures of it on its own & over Catrice - Forget Me Not which create a stunning combo that I highly suggest you try. 

 On the left is Fly to the Moon & On the right is The Sword (Kill Bill Collection)

This next for pictures are of Fly to the Moon by itself. I can't remember but I think these are using 3 or 4 coats. I really enjoyed it by itself. Especially when I am out & about & I go to grab something & my nails catch my eye.  the first two are in doors in daylight. & the second two are using my bathroom light. 

This beautiful polish is Catrice - Forget me not. (my apologies for lack of clean up) 

As for the rest of the beautiful you're about to see is 1 coat of Fly to the moon over 2 coats of Forget Me Not.

I am absolutely in love with this Duo chrome polish topper. & I can't wait to try it over some different polishes ! 


  1. I love it!!! I absolutely am in love with your nails too!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful review, and for staying true and honest!