Night Sky Manicure

Sinful Colors - Ciao Bella topped with Revlon - Celestial FX  
On the left Sinful Colors - Ciao Bella & on the Right Revlon - Celestial FX 
Hey guys ! So today I went to my local walmart to check out all the new polish collections. (= & I found some that I really liked by revlon. All threw January I was on a no buy, & even this month I am on a low buy. So I had enough self control to pick up 2 polishes & 1 happened to be Revlon - Celestial FX. Now I've already seen this at Shoppers Drug Mart & the mother trucker was 7 something !! I quickly lost interest in it after seeing the price tag. So seeing it at Walmart for 3.68 I believe I HAD to have it. HAD TO. lmao.

So when I came home I had to do a Night Sky Manicure. & I really love this polish because YOU DONT HAVE TO FISH FOR THE DARN GLITTER!! That & with the stars the points don't stick up. I believe I am gonna have to grab a back up bottle because this polish topper is just amazing.

So for my base colour I chose Ciao Bella from Sinful Colors for my perfect night blue. I don't have access to Sinful Color polishes locally which is sadly. Considering in the USA they're very reasonably prices & the quality is excellent. I haven't worn it for a full manicure that I can think of so I am gonna be taking two polishes of the untried list (= 
Anyway please enjoy your weekend & stay safe. <3 (= 

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  1. Isn't Ciao Bella simply gorgeous!? I used it on my toes last summer and topped it with Mini Skirt from Aphrodite lacquer, but I LOVE your choice of topper here too! I need to do this combo sometime, I am pretty sure I have that Revlon too. Eee!! I'm excited! Its so fun to discover combos and then realize I can do it too without hitting the store!

  2. These two are perfect together!