Darling Diva Polish - Anna

Darling Diva Polish - Anna
Darling Diva Polish - Anna
Happy Valentines Day!!!! (= <3
Yes I know its not a very typical valentines day post however, I am not a big fan of reds & pinks on my skin/nails. It just doesn't look right. I'll do a post next week & have a couple of pictures of different pinks & reds on my nails show you what I mean. I hope everyone with or without a Valentine has an amazing/special/lucky day. I hope you randomly find 5$ on the ground or in an old jacket, or decide to spoil your self a bit & give your self a manicure.I Just Hope Something special Happens. 

 Anyways  Today I am wearing Darling Diva Polish - Anna. & this is such a gorgeous polish it kinda reminds me of the blue OPI sands. & how without top coat it has texture & then with top coat it looks like a Glitter Jelly.  I tried to capture this polish's beauty as much as I could. However I need to invest in a better camera. 
As you can tell Its a beautiful blue glitter bomb. I wanna say it has two different fine holographic blue glitters with some small hexagon glitters. & removing the glitter isn't a nightmare, but then again I always put some acetone on a a piece of cotton ball & wait 2 minutes then pull down. 
Anyways I hope you love it as much as I do. 
2 coats of Anna No top coat


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