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My Desk Set Up (= 
Hey guys, Yes I know this will be my second post today. However I really wanted to guys my set up since I just reorganized it. & I must admit I love this. I truly do. Normally I will organize it very unrealistically & then in a week or two everything will be everywhere again. So this time I really put a lot of thought into it. And I am really happy with the end result. So lets hope it says this way. (= 

This is the first top drawer on the right of the desk. 
In this drawer it contains my foils, foil glue, indies, OPI minis, lip balm, OPI Avojuice lotion, Nail Treatments,  Base coats, Top Coats, Cuticle Oil, Matte Top Coat, Essie Crystal File, Cuticle butter, Cuticle Remover, Polish Drying Drops, Cuticle nippers, Q-tips, Elastics & Cotton Balls.  

This is the Second drawer on the right of the desk. 
This drawer contains orange sticks, acrylic paint, 100% acetone, hand lotion, polish remover pump, swap box which contains polishes that are for friends & swaps, perfume samples, organza bags, extra cotton balls, Scissors, Body spray, dotting tools, nail art brushes.  

This is the second drawer on the left of the desk.
 This contains all my stamping plates, glitter, micro beads, 3d nail art, rhinestones, swarovski crystals, tape, tinsel, hexagons, stampers, & scrapers. 

My lighting (= 
& For all of those who wonder where I take my pictures. Taa Daa Here it isss! lol Nothing special just a built in light in my bathroom. Other then this I use the window in my living room during the day.

Anyways what does your collection look like? Leave me a link (= 

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