2 Blue Hits

Hey guys, how your weekend?! Aren't you sad it's over? Lately the weather has been such a huge downer. It snowed like crazy where I live & the skies seem to always be grey. I hope the beginning of a new week will hold better weather in store, & I can only hope that it starts today. So not only am I welcoming the new week but a new type of post in which I am adding more detailed pictures. Please let me know what you think (=

& In today's post I am wearing a beautiful Hits combination, I really, & I mean really love this. First I applied 2 coats of Hits Valquiria which is a black base with very fine blue shimmer. Then I applied 1 coat of Hits Moscou which is a stunning blue jelly base with small blue hexagons & medium blue hexagons with a bit of gold medium hexagons. I really love the whole Glitters of the world collection they're all so stunning.

So have an awesome Monday!! Oh yea & I am thinking of doing a Questions & Answers post so if you have any questions please leave them in a comment down below. (=

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  1. pretty! I love the darkness with a little bit of shimmer :)

    Steph // fun size beauty