Yay! Happy weekend everyone! I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. I really wanted to do something purple. Then I thought to myself "Why not do a holographic manicure?" So once I decided what kind of manicure I wanted to do, I have the one problem many of us Polish Lovers have. I couldn't pick which one. lol They weren't necessarily lined up like so but it hit me. I should do a PURPLE HOLOGRAPHIC OMBRE manicure. 

I used 2 Luduranas, 2 Jades & 1 Colour club which the last one was a fail for this manicure. 
Ludurana - Esplendido (the silver, thumb) 
Ludurana - Supremo (the light purple, pointer finger)
Jade - Fascinio Violeta (the medium purple, middle finger) 
Color Club - Wild at heart (the dark purple, ring finger)
Jade - Magia ( the black on the pinky)

So the problem with the Color clubs - wild at heart, if you have it or seen swatches you know the holographic shine isn't like a normal holographic polish. It has a more orange holographicness I would call it. Its not a full on rainbow its just odd. So this left me in a weird spot for picture & it wasn't the look I pictured in my mind. To fix it all I did was use a very thin layer of Jade - Fascinio Violeta over top & Taaaa daaaa !
Enjoyy ! 

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