Essie crystal file VS. Julep glass file


Let's get ready to rumble!
In one corner we have Essie CRYSTAL file 
& in the other we have Julep GLASS file. 
Julep, the file is a bit thicker more rounded makes filing certain areas a bit more difficult. 
When using the Essie Crystal File, shape its not thick & the edges aren't arounded so you can file the sides of your nails into the perfect shape. & the tip is point which allows you to clean under your nail or file a really difficult area. 

Julep's file is not that great at filing down the nails, leaves the part of the filed nail that stays there on the underside of the nail. Sorry I dont know how to explain it better, but hey you may know exactly what I'm taking about. It has more of a rough grit, & that seriously bothers me. It's like while I am filing my nails my brain & senses are being irritated & greatly annoyed. SCREAMING for me to stop. 
Essie's file has a very fine grit, makes taking down length easy & painless. Theres not irritating feeling & it's more quick & efficient. It doesnt bother my senses at all & it seriously leaves very very litte of that nail leftover stuff I couldn't explain & when it does its so much easier to clean up.

Price, now I got my Julep file in a giveaway, so there for it was cheaper then the Essie how ever Juelps nail file retails for 6.00$ on their website. 
For my Essie I got it at Factory Direct ( A wonderful discount store ) for 3.99 for the full size they also have the small size for 1.99. Now I ebay seached this & found it for about 9.00$ including shipping.

So to me the winner is Essies crystal file hands down is the winner, lmao in my books it beat the Julep file senseless. 

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  1. I swear by my Leighton Denny crystal nail file which was the original file like these and is the dog's bollox lol